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I'm a high-level engineer from the United Kingdom, although I've spent several years working with companies in the USA, with aspirations to potentially move stateside full time.

I excel at leading other engineers to create the highest quality applications across a variety of different platforms and industries.



Designing systems & applications (from scratch and existing) to achieve all goals the best possible way


Developing the skills & approach of other engineers to care about creating solid code with clear intention

Developer Operations

In the true sense of the term, rather than the often-diluted 'DevOps', I ensure developers work optimally

Tech at SenseLabs

  • Linux - primarily Debian
  • iOS: Apps/SDKs
  • Ruby, incl. Rails/Sinatra
  • Python - not web thus far
  • JS/Coffee: Node/browser/hybrid
  • Go - basic
  • Git/BitBucket, Jenkins
  • AWS: most products
  • Nginx: proxying, ssl termination
  • Redis, MySQL/RDS
  • Bluetooth Smart (low energy)
  • EEG (brainwave) processing
  • Unity game engine
  • P2P games Wi-Fi, custom protocol
  • API design strict REST, OAuth 2
  • Cloud Net. VPC, dev-only VPNs, etc.
  • Corp. IT Google Apps, DNS, BOVPN
  • Arch security signing, services, perms

Additional Recently

  • CSS3/HTML5
  • Arduino
  • Kinect v2
  • Windows Phone
  • PHP: WordPress, CMSes, APIs
  • C/C++ - basic x-platform SDK
  • Social Location apps

Past Tech

  • Microsoft - .Net/ASP/IIS
  • PhoneGap
  • CMSes: Umbraco/Sitecore/custom
  • Java: Minecraft, Android, etc.
  • C#: COSMOS, MMO game servers
  • SVN
  • Xbox/Win/WP games (XNA)
  • Payment - Google, PayPal, Sage
  • IBM-esque integrations
  • Basic financial services
  • TeamCity, OctopusDeploy (CI)


SenseLabs, California

Lead Technical Architect & Developer Operations

Mar. 2013 - present

SenseLabs makes Versus - a consumer-accessible brain training & assessment platform. It includes a brainwave (EEG) sensor, training apps, brain capacity assessment, heavy processing of raw brain signal data, SaaS platform/API/shared account, and a large number of iOS SDKs to support this.

Guiding all software engineers in practices & architectural design, I have been involved in all parts of the implementation of Versus, and its supporting backend & SDK infrastructure. The service & security architecture which backs all server-side systems are my original design.

Versus has brought great success to many of the world's top athletes, including Travis Pastrana, Felix Baumgartner, Carlos Quentin, Kerri Walsh & sports teams such as the Dallas Mavericks & companies like Red Bull.

MVP Tracker LLC, California

Co-founder & CTO

Aug. 2012 - present

MVP Tracker is a startup of my own, creating products around creating social connections. So far, we have created two products:

Tracker - a new approach to social networking, initially focused on sports (hence, MVP). It works in a similar way to Pinterest - in that you post content to & follow curated streams (known as cards) rather than just people.

Restroom Rater - an idea born out of amusement became reality when we realized that there is genuine utility & value in tracking the quality of restrooms - particularly for handicapped people & parents who have specific requirements. Restroom Rater is currently working with Georgia Pacific - one of the world's largest manufacturers of bathroom supplies.

Code Computerlove, Manchester


June 2012 - Mar. 2013

Following successful experiences in the past, I began working with Code straight out of college (equiv. US high school). Very wide range of clients, primarily Umbraco CMS, some Sitecore, some internal proprietary CMS.

Microsoft, London

Student Partner - Technical

Sept. 2011 - Sept. 2012

Worked with Microsoft to create applications, developing their platforms and ideas. Promoted Microsoft's youth development offerings and assisted running hack events for students.

Code Computerlove, Manchester

Summer Engineering Intern

May 2010 - Aug. 2011

Following a very successful work experience placement in May 2010, I returned to Code for the two subsequent summers. Clients included Berghaus, TransPennine Express, NUS Extra & significant commerce services for Oxfam GB.

Achievements & Events

ASDA/George Hack - 2014

Created a virtual mirror using the Kinect - overlays clothes on the user in real time

Young Rewired State - 2014

Mentored a group of young developers through to the finals - we created a teleprompter which uses word frequency analysis to make key words more prominent

Refugees United - 2013

API which exposes the Refugees United systems via SMS, to ensure the widest possible accessibility

Young Rewired State - 2013

Created a collaborative playlisting app for Spotify which factors in your musical taste rather than giving you all tracks regardless of whether you like them or not

Department for International Development - 2012

Data visualization showing visually the relative amounts of trade happening between countries

Young Rewired State - 2012

Code a Better Country - Finalist

Scraping Twitter for CCTV images posted by police forces, then allows you to identify the suspect

.Net Awards - 2011

Young Designer of the Year - Shortlisted

UK Mathematical Challenge - 2011

Gold award - top 6%, #2 of 300 in school

James Billingham — [email protected] — +44 7857 698 335